Saturday, 11 December 2010


There are many things I do not like about this film, such as Kirsten's really American accent, accents and English language in general, the contemporary soundtrack. However, the scenography is stunning. Costumes, hair, shoes, cakes! I do not know a girl who wasn't astonished by that. I don't like pink stuff usually, but come on - c'est Versailles!

I wanna live in Versailles. Yay, that's another thing why I need a job. I might buy it someday. Oui oui. They have a sequoia there, very young, from the 19th century, but I saw it. I saw a real sequoia last summer, when I was visiting Marie Atoinette's beautiful home.

She had such sad life. I've found a book in a used books bookstore, a biography, not the famous one, but I'm gonna read it when these exams and essays are over. Oh I wish they already were, I wanna go visit my precious forests.


  1. This film looks stunning, thank you for sharing! Marie Antoinette was a thoroughly fascinating creature.

    PS: Followed. xx

  2. This movie is a visual haven, loved it!
    Im hosting a giveaway, would love for you to enter!

  3. yep, i gotta agree thatthis movie has so much to look at! Every frame is a visual treat.

  4. This is gorgeous, dear. I adore that movie, too. Lovely colours. x

  5. I love the film, fashion has never looked so beautiful and painful at the same time.

  6. forests. my place of escape.
    your blog is beautiful.

    amy !

  7. I couldn't agree more!

    ps the name of your blog is awesome

  8. I watched this film the other day too, it has a very dreamy feel to it. I think I prefer the actors real accents to them faking a French one!

  9. You dreamer! :) Looks stunning.

    Have fun in your castle.