Saturday, 11 December 2010


There are many things I do not like about this film, such as Kirsten's really American accent, accents and English language in general, the contemporary soundtrack. However, the scenography is stunning. Costumes, hair, shoes, cakes! I do not know a girl who wasn't astonished by that. I don't like pink stuff usually, but come on - c'est Versailles!

I wanna live in Versailles. Yay, that's another thing why I need a job. I might buy it someday. Oui oui. They have a sequoia there, very young, from the 19th century, but I saw it. I saw a real sequoia last summer, when I was visiting Marie Atoinette's beautiful home.

She had such sad life. I've found a book in a used books bookstore, a biography, not the famous one, but I'm gonna read it when these exams and essays are over. Oh I wish they already were, I wanna go visit my precious forests.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Toast for breakfast.

It's not the wonderful toast with beans on top I am going to write about. is a lovely lovely clothing company that makes these pretty as pictures skirts, dresses and coats that cost almost as much as McQueen's or Chanel works. I had an opportunity to step into their beautiful boutique in Notting Hill. Everything is so lovely but the prices make you wanna wish yo have understood mathematics in school.

And how about their pretty pretty catalog photos?

Want? You can order a catalogue from their website.

And I'm gonna go read in order to get a degree, a job and then maybe I'll be able to save and buy a glove from TOAST.

Waterhouse. John William Waterhouse.

I sometimes wish I studied history of art. Imagine, you look at the pictures, think, write. Wicked.
I went to the library today and I brought back a beautiful book with orange canvas covers. The book was about this painter, John William Waterhouse who was usually called the modern pre-raphaelite. Hi work resembles the work of brotherhood but he painted a bit later than the desperate romantics.

That's the lovely Lady of Shalott.

And my favourite picture, one of two Mirandas, the one he painted later.

Another Miranda.

I must say that I hate looking at paintings on the internet - you never know what the real colours are. I was lucky enough to see this painting live, in one of Liverpool's museums, unfortunately, not at the wonderful Lady Lever art gallery where they have the largest amount of pre-raphaelite paintings in the world.

Echo and Narcissus.

loups are waiting for winter

The almond tree painted by the wonderful Vincent Van Gogh.

A week left. Approximately. Well, this weekend, next week, next weekend and I'm gonna be home on Tuesday after next weekend. Just in time for Christmas. I cannot wait. I am so fed up with uni stuff that it doesn't even matter what marks I'm going to get anymore. Fuck it. Fuck everything and become a pirate.
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