Friday, 10 December 2010

Toast for breakfast.

It's not the wonderful toast with beans on top I am going to write about. is a lovely lovely clothing company that makes these pretty as pictures skirts, dresses and coats that cost almost as much as McQueen's or Chanel works. I had an opportunity to step into their beautiful boutique in Notting Hill. Everything is so lovely but the prices make you wanna wish yo have understood mathematics in school.

And how about their pretty pretty catalog photos?

Want? You can order a catalogue from their website.

And I'm gonna go read in order to get a degree, a job and then maybe I'll be able to save and buy a glove from TOAST.


  1. Oh my! Where have you been?:)

    How are you? Or is it me who is too late to realize that you are writing again?:)

  2. Hello. Thank you, I'm fine, although I'm afraid you have mistaken me for someone else.