Friday, 10 December 2010

Waterhouse. John William Waterhouse.

I sometimes wish I studied history of art. Imagine, you look at the pictures, think, write. Wicked.
I went to the library today and I brought back a beautiful book with orange canvas covers. The book was about this painter, John William Waterhouse who was usually called the modern pre-raphaelite. Hi work resembles the work of brotherhood but he painted a bit later than the desperate romantics.

That's the lovely Lady of Shalott.

And my favourite picture, one of two Mirandas, the one he painted later.

Another Miranda.

I must say that I hate looking at paintings on the internet - you never know what the real colours are. I was lucky enough to see this painting live, in one of Liverpool's museums, unfortunately, not at the wonderful Lady Lever art gallery where they have the largest amount of pre-raphaelite paintings in the world.

Echo and Narcissus.

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